PCM - Formulation Erasmus+ KA2 COOPERATION projects

Face to Face
Nicola Catellani
Network Coordinator - SERN

12 hours


Easy – Intermediate


Course Code            Fee per participant

PCM-COOP 01       200,00 €

PCM-COOP 02       200,00 €


Minimum 5 participants

Maximum 15 participants



Course description

PCM is the method through which the EU Commission expects the beneficiaries of its grants to deliver quality proposals. The course will address the Formulation Phase (which focuses on the definition of the of a proposal’s contents and details to include in the application form) and in particular it will illustrate, through a step-by-step approach, how to address the main sections of the application form of the Erasmus programme. Particular attention will be dedicated to cooperation projects in order to adequately address the key evaluation criteria pertaining the relevance of the proposal, the quality of the project design and implementation, quality of the project team and the cooperation arrangements as well as the impact of the project and the dissemination of the project results. The course will also illustrate how to plan a project budget and insert the data in the application form.

Learning goals

At the end of the course, you will learn how to fill in the application form of Cooperation projects under Key Action 2 of the Erasmus Programme and addressing the main evaluation criteria in the formulation process.


Materials provided

Learning materials (slides) and pdf copy of the application form (and annexes).


In order to get the maximum benefit from the course, participation to “How to read a call for proposals” and “PCM- Identification and Logical framework” is recommended.

Length and language

The course will last for two days and it will be offered in English. Simultaneous interpretation is available with the participation of at least 6 Swedish participants. If it is required, an additional cost will be charged.


19/20-09-22       PCM-COOP 01        Face to Face   *

1/2-12-22           PCM-COOP 02        Face to Face   *

*Venue to be announced later

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