How to Join

How to Join

The membership of the network is open to those organisations, primarily public ones, but also from the civil socity that share the objectives of network.
The statute points out the organizations eligible to apply:

In Sweden
Regions, county councils, county administrative Boards, municipalities, associations of local and regional authorities.

In Italy
The regional governments, the provinces, the municipalities, the local authorities in their associated forms in Emilia-Romagna, as well as the same institutions of all other Italian regions.

In Italy and Sweden
Subjects from the civil society who agree to the aims and purpose of the Network, including educational institutions at all levels.

Following the increasing number of contacts with organisations from other countries in the European Union the General Assembly of the Network has decided, as from the spring of 2009, to give the opportunity to those that want to establish more structured relations with the network and its members to become Partners of the Network.

This allows regions, counties, provinces, municipalities, associations of local and regional authorities, as well as subjects from the civil society, from EU countries who agree to the aims and purpose of the Network (Statute of SERN ), including educational institutions at all levels, to participate on a regular basis to all the activities of SERN and contribute to its development.

The Application Process

  1. Application Form
    Download and fill in the SERN application form 2019. The form has to be signed by the legal representative of the organization. Remember to download and read the statute as by siginig the application form you will accept the contents and the rules set out in the statute.
  2. Sending the form.
    Send the formtogether with a letter of presentation to the Chair of the Executive Board Lubiano Montaguti (SERN – Stradone Martiri della Libertà 15 – 43123 Parma- Italy). An e-version of the application form and of the letter shall be also sent to the Secretariat to the attention of Network Cooridnator Nicola Catellani
  3. Executive Board Approval
    The SERN executive Board normally meets three times a year, in February, May, and November. When in session the Board will discuss and decide about the membership application.
  4. Payment of the Annual Fee
    Following the approval of the request, the process of the payment of the membership fee shall be carried out within 30 days. If submitted in the second half of the year, the first membership fees are paid for the number of months equivalent to the period between the application date and the end of the year.


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