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Borgo Val di Taro is considered the capital of the upper Taro Valley in the Parma Apennines. Heading southwest from Parma, it boasts a strategic location straddling three regions: Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Liguria.

The town is located in an area of great cultural, naturalistic and gastronomic interest. The town center is characterized by the remains of an ancient castle, Romanesque churches and historic buildings. It is the landmark of the entire Taro Valley, which with its castles and nature trails attracts many visitors every year. The tasty porcino mushroom, bearing the IGP quality mark, Protected Geographical Indication, is the pride of the local gastronomy. As a testament to its high quality of life, the town has been included in the Slow Cities circuit.

The historic center preserves the remains of the ancient castle, part of whose original masonry remains today. Of notable importance is the Romanesque church of Sant’Antonino, dating from the early 1200s; its interior houses a valuable Serassi organ, still in working order. Notable buildings include the historic Palazzo Boveri, where the Queen of Spain, Elisabetta Farnese, resided during her visit in 1714, which on that occasion was decorated with numerous stucco friezes that are still preserved.

Inside the medieval village, the 15th-century Church of San Domenico is worth a visit, where the fine Madonna del Rosario, a 16th-century carved and gilded wooden statue, is located.

Strolling through the streets of the village, visitors can savor the tranquility, simplicity, but at the same time the preciousness of the history of this mountain village from its Roman origins to the numerous episodes related to the Resistance, of which it was the scene after World War II.

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