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Erasmus+, KA2

Laura Avanzi
Project Officer - SERN
Ann-Sofie Karlsson


Universal design learning environments for all pupils in schools

About the project

UDLESIS project aims to improve and renew the work with design inclusive environments for
all students in school. To be a long life learner and and an active member of the society every child has the right to be educated based on their specific needs, which requires that the teachers have the necessary knowledge to create inclusive learning environments, designed universally to meet all differences already in the lesson planning.


The general objective is to create a more inclusive environment at school for all students with specific needs. The specific objects are:
1. To increase teachers’ knowledge on how to design inclusive learning environments for all students and the specific challenges that have come in the wake of the corona epidemic and our countries’ different ways of dealing with this where Italy shut down schools and Sweden kept them open.
2. To raise awareness in teachers, headmasters and stakeholders about the importance of inclusion for a successful schooling at school and how to do it when most of the students are taught remotely via Internet.
3. To exchange practices about the models and methods for mapping students’ needs.
4. To increase the teachers competences through the parents knowledge about their children specific needs.


The project foresees 5 short term joint staff training events, both in Trollhättan and in Borgo Val di Taro from October 2020 to July 2022.


The project will lead to changed working methods and the creation of an inclusive learning environment which, in the long run, means that terachers no longer need to be prepared for children in need of special support in the future.

The school will integrate the methods and practices exchanged in the activity planning of the next years and  will include the results in their strategic documents and curricula.

A virtual collection of the practices collected will be created on each schools website and made available to all the teachers.

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