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Cavriago is a small town in the Po Valley, a few kilometers far from Reggio Emilia. A dynamic and modern productive town which has experienced considerable economic growth and social development in recent years. 

During the Renaissance, Cavriago was distinguished by its fearless and rebellious spirit to the point of suffering, in the course of several conflicts, the destruction of the castle and all the medieval buildings. Municipality of patriotic and anti-fascist traditions, it was occupied by the Nazi oppressor since the dawn of the Second World War. The choral participation in the liberation struggle was so generous that Cavriago was awarded the Bronze Medal for military valor. 

Cavriago stands out for its commitment to pursuing sustainable development and environmental protection, as well as for the promotion of quality, equitable and inclusive education and for the intense cultural life that develops between the Multiplo Cultural Center, where the first public art library in Emilia Romagna is located, the Cinema Teatro Novecento, the first multiplex cinema in the province of Reggio Emilia, the Cremeria, precious testimony of industrial archeology, today center of study, work and education and the Kessel, one of the most famous indie live clubs in Italy. In addition to being a promoter of good practices, the Municipality also recognizes itself as the coordinator and catalyst of synergies between local associations, companies and citizens. 

In Cavriago it is possible to visit the Museum “Otello Sarzi’s Puppets House”, the oldest surviving Italian Napoleonic Cemetery, and the only one bust of Lenin in Italy, which testifies to the international solidarity approach that has always characterized this Municipality and its citizens. 

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