Funded by

Erasmus+ KA1

SERN Secretariat

Pedagogical documentation in transitions within and between early childhood education and primary education

About the project

This KA1 project  was based on an identified need to develop teachers and educators skills in pedagogical documentation and to make better use of the documentation in the process of transitions.


The project’s purpose is to deepen the knowledge in pedagogical documentation as a means in transitions within and between preschool and school with the overall long-term objective of increasing the school results in Norrköping.



36 staff members (pre-school teachers, recreation leaders, teachers, development educators, special educators and preschool directors / principals) from the participating preschools and schools from Norrköping will take part in job shadowing activities and courses in pedagogical documentation in the Italian province Reggio Emilia,  from where the methodology of pedagogical documentation originated.

The job shadowing will take place in the following schools:

– “Cremaschi” and “Farri” preschools in Casalgrande;

– “I Gelsi” preschool and “L.Bassi” primary school in Scandiano;

-“Pettirosso” and “Pollicino” preschools in Carpi;

-“Le Betulle”preschool in Cavriago.

The mobilities will take place in winter and late fall during a two-year period and will be followed up as part of the systematic quality work.


The effect goals, which will be evaluated at the end of the project, are to:

– improve the quality of pedagogical documentation in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education through the professional development of staff;

– strengthen the intercultural skills and professional capacity of the participating staff ultimately increasing the competency of the entire organization;

– develop an action plan on how to work with pedagogical documentation in transitions;

– increase the collegial exchange within and between staff in pre- and primary school, in particular in the area of pedagogical documentation and transitions;

– better communicate children’s learning progression to the children themselves and to their parents.

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