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Norrköping, a creative meeting place for people and possibilities.

Norrköping is a town in constant transformation. It is in the soul of the town and expresses itself in many different ways. In the past, Norrköping was an industrial town. Nowadays creative, knowledge-driven enterprises are taking off, a process driven by our outstanding university, Campus Norrköping, a part of Linköping University. Our location in the fourth-largest metro region is perfect — air traffic, shipping routes, train tracks and European highways connect here. This is also the place where people with visions and creative ambitions gather, making this the cultural capital of the region with a large range of entertainment, experiences and art. In the middle of Norrköping you meet the soul of the town — the brick-red industrial area that towers up along the rapids and waterfalls of Strömmen. This is a place where old factories are filled with new content, making life richer and more fun. Together with the water, the parks and the quay promenades, they help create the uniqueness that is Norrköping.

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