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Laura Avanzi
Project Officer - SERN


Enhancing Volunteering Actions and Quality in Europe

About the project

EVOLAQ is a project co-financed within the Programme Europe for Citizens, Strand Networks. The partnership is composed of 7 European countries and 9 organisations, both civil society organizations and local public authorities.

Volunteering actions represent an important expression of the active citizenship in the EU; indeed, by giving one’s time for the benefit of others, volunteers service their community and play an active role in society. They develop the sense of belonging to a community thereby also gaining ownership.

Volunteering is therefore a particularly powerful means to develop citizens’ commitment to their society and to its political life. Secondly, Civil society organizations, associations of a European general interest, town twinning associations and other participating organisations often rely on volunteer work to carry out and to develop their activities. Therefore, particular attention is paid within the Programme Europe for Citizens to the promotion of volunteering.

The shared background among partners foresee two elements:

  1. The potential of voluntary activities is still not fully realized, above all the involvement of young people and of  people with different ethnic backgrounds.
  2. The picture of volunteering is differing from country to country – regarding quality standards.


The objectives of the project are the following:

  1. To increase the knowledge about volunteering in Europe
  2. To increase the civic participation through volunteering above all elderly, young and disadvantaged people and to attract people from different ethnic groups and to include them in civic participation processes.
  3. To exchange best practices at transitional level and to transfer new models to approach people to volunteer.
  4. To compare volunteering experiences in the partners countries and to create guidelines on the support of volunteering.


Coordination meeting
Linz (AT)
1/3 March 2016

Opening conference
Norrköping (SE)
30 May/2 June 2016

Transnational seminar
Pforzheim (DE)
24/27 October 2016

Transnational seminar
21/24 November 2016

Local valorization seminar
14/16 March 2017

Local valorization seminar
11/13 April 2017

Workshops and festival of volunteering
11/14 May 2017

Local valorization seminar
19/21 September 2017

Final event and follow-up
5/7 December 2017


The plan of the activities foresees 9 events, both at transnational level and local one in which all the partners will be involved as hosting organization from March 2016 to December 2017.

The consequent expected results are:

  1. Exchange of best practises and perspectives on the project theme – Enhancing Volunteering actions and Quality in Europe
  2. To study and transfer new models to approach young people to volunteering
  3. To present a handbook with the most relevant experiences highlighted during the the project with guidelines to transfer transnational knowledge to local level.
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