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Ginevra Roli
Project Officer - SERN
Nicola Catellani
Network Coordinator - SERN


Building Resilient compulsory schools through an IntegrateD and EmpowerinG approach to wEll-being

About the project

The BRIDGE project stems from the desire of the partner institutions to innovate the education system in favour of greater well-being in the school environment. In fact, research from around the world over the past 50 years has shown that collaborative, child-centred education has several positive effects in many areas that are important for schools. The collaborative dialogic approach to student-centred education has a positive impact on student well-being by enhancing competencies, social skills and communication skills, which are in themselves a driver of well-being.  In addition to these effects, it has been shown that also leads to increased student achievement and attainment. Building on the experience of practitioners and research results, the partnership intends to develop a set of tools to be used in schools that are easily replicable and adaptable to different school contexts in Sweden, in partner countries and more generally throughout Europe. The project will address primarily a set of target groups which include teachers, students and other school staff as managers and support staff, meanwhile additional target group might be researchers civil servants in the field of Compulsory education, and families.


The main objective is to increase quality of school education through the development of a whole-school approach to well-being. In addition to that, specific objectives are:

  • To equip the whole staff with new skills and knowledge about promoting well-being in the classroom and in the school at large
  • To develop effective participatory processes for students in the co-design and implementation of interventions
  • To design and develop a “well-being at school” toolbox easily and readily applicable in school


From the project are expected three tangible outputs:

  1. Training modules on school well-being

Train the trainer course for teachers and cascade implementation of training workshops in the schools, and assessment of the results and design of materials for replicability in other schools

  1. Strategies for student involvement

Collection and verification of successful student engagement strategies, with the selection of some of them to be implemented in pilot institutions.

  1. “Well-being at school” toolbox


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