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Nicola Catellani
Network Coordinator - SERN
Alessia Mereu
Communications Officer


Modelling a European cross-curricular study programme for upper secondary schools

About the project

The context in which this project originates is deeply connected to the efforts of the EU for the development of a European Education Area by 2025 where spending time abroad to study and learn should become the norm. The project starts off from the need to promote a fundamentally new approach towards transnational mobility opportunities for upper secondary school students in which the school plays a more active role in driving the process while offering high quality learning experiences and ensuring recognition of the period(s) spent abroad. Upper secondary schools can in fact play a key role in educating the European citizens of the future by providing a transnational educational path equipping them with skills and competences needed to access the tertiary education of the future such as the European Universities.


In the light of the above mentioned needs the General Objective of the project is to actively contribute to the construction of the European Education Area through the development of a model of European exchange and study programme among general upper secondary schools.
The Specific Objectives of the project are:

1)To develop and test a joint transnational curriculum/programme among the involved schools;

2)To identify a set of common assessment and certification methods tailored to the acquired competences and skills;

3) To build organisational capacity in upper secondary schools through the identification and the solution of administrative/management problems pertaining long term transnational mobility of pupils.

Activities and Products

The project will consists in a set of 6 transnational coordination meetings, two training seminars for teachers and two long-term mobility of students during which the Model will be tested.

The model that will be developed by the partnership will be producing four main Intellectual Outputs which will be the core results of this 36-month-long project:

IO1: A transnational study plan is produced based on a common set of subjects and shared contents in each discipline

IO2: A set of tools are produced for the assessment of the skills and notions acquired

IO3: An Administrative and Organisational Package to manage the Programme

IO4: An online training course for the school staff.

The target groups of the project Teachers, Administrative and Management staff, 16-17 years old students (grade10-11), civil servants and policy makers in the field of education.

Our project was featured among the Stories of the Italian National Agency for Erasmus+

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