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Nicola Catellani
Network Coordinator - SERN


About the project

The PRO WELLBEING project arises from the need to affirm more among children and their families the awareness that healthy lifestyles lead to a lasting and authentic well-being; in our hectic life it is often forgotten that the attention to a diversified and healthy diet, a daily and balanced movement, a constant hygiene, a care for the environment in which we live (internal or external) and a correct relational approach, are the bases for living well and staying in psycho-physical health.


The project aims to develop a line of action on preschools to promote the psychological and physical well-being of children in relation to the promotion of healthy lifestyles, through synergistic actions between school, family and professionals that deal with the well-being and health of the child from 0 to 6.


The project is mainly based on visit and exchange of experiences, comparison, experimentation and subsequent evaluation of new practices related to nutrition, exercise, relationships, personal hygiene and environmental friendliness.


On one hand, children who acquire new social skills and correct lifestyles will more likely become adult citizens who have an heritage linked to overall well-being that will not ne dispersed
On the other hand, good practices experimented by families immediately affect the social context and, thanks to the contribution of both families and the stakeholders involved, they can be spread quickly, affecting of the entire community. The impact should be also visible on presumable new choices taken by local administrations (feeding in school canteens, promotion of physical activity for all ages, attention to hygiene, training on relationships, respect for the environment, parks, circulation, …)

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