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Laura Avanzi
Project Officer - SERN


Active Engaged Generation

About the project

We are facing the fact that the European Union population structure is changing and becoming older. In our society, with its increasing gap between generations and with its shrinking opportunities to care for elderly, it becomes more important to enable elderly to increase their social participations and health. Indeed, it is clear that realizing elderly full potential after retirement will lead to that we all can lead more interesting and fulfilling lives longer with a better chance of more active, healthy and independent circumstances. The fundamental questions addressed by the project were firstly, how we ensure the participation of elderly in society, improving their quality of life by giving them better opportunities for active ageing and secondly how can we strengthen solidarity between generations. The partners acknowledged that the solution is to enhance the cooperation between municipalities, NGOs and different volunteer organizations and to increase communication between local authorities in order to have more political support for activities and projects at local level.


The main project objective is to increase elderly participation in society, improving their quality of life by giving them better opportunities for active ageing and to strengthen solidarity between generations.


Coordination meeting
1 February 2013
Piteå (SE)

First transnational conference
2 May 2013
Imola (IT)

Second transnational conference
3/4 October 2013
Buje (HR)

Final conference
20/22 January 2011
Langhirano (IT)


The impact of the project resulted in a better understanding of how each participating municipality works with activities for the elderly. In order to increase elderly citizens’ participation the project focused on the possibility to use social media and digital aids. During the project, the municipalities of Buje, Falköping, Ponteceso started computer courses for elderly on iPads, Skype and apps. Some of the arranged courses were based on an intergenerational aspect since young people (students or high school students and elderly) worked together. After the project meeting in Imola the municipality of Buje supported the creation of a local association for retired people officially registered at the end of 2013.

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