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Improving pedagogical continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces in preschools

About the project

The educational offer of the preschools involved in the project was been developing, taking into consideration, the importance of both internal and external learning environments. However, in their experience the organization of the internal learning environment was given much more attention than the external/outdoor) one. The use of indoor contexts was indeed predominant. The preschools needed to increase the use of the external learning environment and therefore increase the pedagogical continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

reschool teachers can improve their skills through comparing and learning about new innovative materials, strategies and pedagogical games that could be used to foster continuity between indoor and outdoors.
It’s important to strengthen the learning attitude of pedagogues. To work more with the learning process and take advantage of the capacity of every child´s ability to learn. We need to learn more about education systems and models from other countries and to learn more about innovative materials and attitude of pedagogues.

These questions were fundamental to our project:
– How do we create an interesting outdoor environment around our preschools that is as permissive and challenging as the indoor
– How do we organize outdoor environment so that we can meet all of a child’s interests and stimulate their minds in the same way
as we do indoors?
– What are the skills and knowledge the teachers need to acquire/strengthen in order to foster pedagogical continuity between indoor and outdoor learning contexts?
– How can we strengthen parents’ interest in the benefits of outdoor education and increase cooperation in our activities?
Through discussions on these issues along with teams from other preschools in Europe, we will gain inspiration and knowledge to develop the pedagogical work.


The general objective of the partnership was to increase the pedagogical continuity between indoor and outdoor learning contexts.

The specific objectives were:
– to improve teachers attitude of connecting outdoor and indoor learning environment as a tool for a better goal achievement
– to improve parents attitude to using outdoor spaces as a tool for a better pedagogical achievement
– to exchange education methods and strategies
– to emphasize the quality of education in preschools and find solutions to increase the cooperation with parents.
– to stimulate children, teachers and parents to learn about our different cultures and in
the end develop a positive attitude such difference.
– to development of a tool (for example a game) both for indoor and outdoor education.
– to produce guidelines on the basis of gathered knowledge and experiences


Teachers in this project got the opportunity to improve their pedagogical skills on indoor and outdoor learning strategies. They learned how to inspire pupils and parents to add more outdoor activity to their daily life. This led to an increase of the quality of the

Staff developed their language and had the chance to create a network with other preschool teachers in Europe. Teachers developed their learning skills due to the on going evaluation which contributed to the possibility to share experience and knowledge. Staff reflected on didactics methodology when referred to the work in the preschools in the partnership and the theme to be approached in this project.

The parents improved their knowledge and understanding in particular about outdoor learning.

The children improved their learning skills and used their senses in a new way of learning. The project encouraged the children to play and learn both indoor and outdoor and discover the world in a new way.

The participating institutions in the project are in a process to learn about different strategies and methods used in preschools in other countries. The project will extend its impact beyond the pre-schools involved as the partners will make sure that the results are transfered to other pre-schools of their municipalities.

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